The Coalition of the Americas is an autonomous grouping based on actions and efforts focused on improving the universal health care and coverage of our represented.

Our objetive
Achieve influence on public health policies dictated by the states and governments of the countries that make up the continent as well as the international organizations that group and act in this Region, to increase and optimize the level of treatment of members of our community .

Our Principles

  1. To act in accordance with the principles and guidelines of the FMH as the maximum global representation agency of the disease, with an absolute spirit of respect for the agreements, conventions and guidelines established by the FMH with the Coalition; In order to avoid any kind of duplication of efforts between the two, the actions will be agreed promoting permanent communication, which allows to act in coordination, consultation and support to the various programs, projects and mutual activities.
  2. Foster and promote at all times the will to belong and join the WFH as an organization that groups and represents us globally.

Our vision
Achieve adequate and safe treatment for all Persons with Hemophilia and coagulation disorders in the Americas.

Our mission
Improve the quality of life of people with hemophilia other coagulation disorders in the Americas

Our values
• Volunteering
• Solidarity
• Vocation
• Commitment

Our goals
• To improve the indicators of integral treatment according to the guidelines of the FMH, as well as the quality of life and influence of our community
• Increase the registration of patients in each country, with an accurate and detailed diagnosis of hereditary hemorrhagic deficiencies.
• Promote the unification of public health policies in the region and achieve incidents in public health policies.